Internet Service

The cable provided internet service is the most powerful and best part of what they provide. You will find several categories of service and they will charge you according to the speed that you chose.

You will see them advertise speed in usually three or four quantities and my example here is approximate. Every cable company has different levels. You will see terms like "starter" service or "most popular" service and it's a bunch of BULL! It's all is based on speed and they want you to think you need more or faster service.

The quantity is expressed in "mbps" meaning megabits per second. Usually, the starter service is 10mps or up to 25 mbps. The second tier starts at about 50 mbps and goes as high as 100 mbps. The third tier is generally much greater than that at 200 mbps.

My provider has 25 100 and 200 mbps service and the price goes from $40/month, then $100/month and the top tier is $120 per month. They had me sucked in at the $100/month labeling it as their most popular level. I thought that if it was the most popular, it must be a good deal! Ha! again. I went to their 25 mbps service and notice little difference.

Then there's the "data cap". It is a limit on the amount of data that you can use a month. It's very similar to your water service and how they charge you by how much water you use each month. It used to be that there was no limit and some cable companies figured out that they could charge you and they did. My cap is 250gb/month. If I exceed that, the charge is $15 for each extra 50 gb that I use! A gb is a gigabyte or 1000mb. It a lot of data but there's madness to what they do. I'll explain later.

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